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I would like to highly recommend Scott Wallstrom of Sunco Homes as a General Contractor and Builder. We hired Scott based on the recommendations of three colleagues for whom Scott had done previous homes. He worked closely with us throughout the architectural design process ensuring the constructability and cost effectiveness of the decisions we were making. The quality of the final product is outstanding and the subs Scott recommended were highly professional craftsmen. Our design was European Old World and not traditional Lake Tahoe. Scott got involved in the concept we were after and came up with a lot of ideas which we incorporated that gave the house an old world look and real character. He worked closely with us on the interior design which required a lot of input and patience. I have found Scott to be of the highest integrity who had the owner's best interest in mind throughout the job. Betsy and I would use Scott again if we were to build another home.
-Ed and Betsy Richardson

You're a hero! You are Superman and Santa all rolled into one! Thank you for a job spectacularly well done! It was hard to imagine in August 2002, when it seemed our project would never get started, that in December 2003, we would have an extraordinarily unique home at Lahonton, that exceeds our expectations in every way. We firmly believe that your amazing skills, dedication to perfection and generous support made it possible. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you on this project. Throughout this complex, daunting process, you showed not the slightest sign of impatience or distress. You continuously encouraged us to "get what we wanted" . Your interface between the subcontractors and the Hammonds was not always easy, but you made it seem so. The result of your positive attitude is present in every detail of our amazing, beautiful new home. Perhaps, the best part of this job was simply you, Scott. You are a wonderful, considerate individual who does a remarkable job balancing life's work with living one's life. We gratefully recognize your effort and choose to award you the much deserved, full completion bonus. In spirit and with fierce dedication, you not only met, but exceeded all our expectations. Happy holidays to you, Carol and the girls.
-Gary and Jayne Hammond